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Shaun Fletcher

Stats: 6’2”
Degree: BA Liberal Studies/Psychology
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Willing to travel


Book of 1,000 Deaths       Lead                Kool Kamp Productions

Exit 13                                  Lead                Andretti Dante

Sol                                        Lead                Noah Rockmore

Going to the Nuthouse     Lead               Ocular Pictures

Sherlock homes                 Lead                Chris Frint

Denied and Betrayed        Lead                Neosho Piovo

Insomniac Theater            Lead                Andretti Dante

Love Letters                        Lead                Paul Ayers

Inseparable                         Lead               Cem Perin & Cem Gokcimen

Geometalic X                      Lead                Elap Films

Claret *                               Lead                Izzy Taub

A Deadly Banishment       Lead                 Lara Horton

An Affair To Remember    Lead                Bala Balakrisnan

Two Straws                         Lead                 Court Soto

West of Ventura                 Supporting     Brad Hodge

The Bad Coming Back       Supporting     Esteban Gunn

Lily Rose                              Supporting     Sandzadez Pictures

What If…                              Supporting     Violet Hamilton Productions

Jill & Jack                              Supporting     John Conley

The Grunts                          Supporting     Edward Austin Pugh

Cleanse                                Supporting     Focus Films, LLC

Cabella                                 Supporting     Dream Pictures Productions

One Fine Sunday                Supporting     Kiebom Kim

Passing Buck                       Supporting     Nicholas Chavez

Lost In a Crowd                   Featured        Micah Cohen



Southern, Brooklyn, British


Martial Arts, Weapon's training, Basketball, Bicycling, Aerobics, Weight Training, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Wave Runner, Surfing,Billiards, Customer Relations, Computer Programming, Data Entry, Sales, Row Boating, Sailing, FL driver License, Model Runway, Improv.


Got Home Alive “Jailed In Katrina Segment”                  Supporting    TRAVEL/Julio Moline

I Didn’t Know I was pregnant “Quezada”                        Supportig      TLC/Jeffery Daniels

Don’t Trust That B----- in Apartment 23 “Mean Girls”   Featured       ABC/Chris Koch

The Series (Web-series) *                                                Lead              Brian Merritt

Sending Out the Clowns (Web-series)                             Lead              Andretti Dante

Deception & Lies (Web-series)                                         Lead               Brookie Nickleson


 ***Available Upon Request***

Training & Workshops

L.A. Acting Group                                       Technique/Scene                                   Duke Kenny

Acting Workshop                                        Improv/Voice/Comedy                         Robert Krauss          

Florida International University (B.A)      Liberal Studies/Psychology/Theater

*Claret- Nominated for best film at YoungCuts Film Festival (2011)

* The Series-Winner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy at the Lawebfest (2014)

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